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Thank YOU for supporting our

FREE Performances each summer!

We are an all volunteer troupe and are very thankful for our publicity sponsors and our wonderful audiences who give so generously when we pass the hat at our performances.

Please consider a donation to help us tell more families about our fun shows and keep our performances FREE.   Thank you so very much!

Join us in 2020 for Our 26th Season!


Here are the shows we are working on:


May: Pan vs Hook: How It All Began
June: Cinderella 2: Bibbity, Bobbity, Oops!
July: The Fisherman and the Little Mermaid
August: The Princess and the Pea
Sept: The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Check back in February for our full 2020 season!

See you in the park real soon!

Our performances are always FREE!​

We appreciate your donations!


Some of our past productions

(Click HERE to see more photos in our gallery!)

Roxanne Diesel as Fiona in "Shrek"

Pat Newbert & Veronica Morrow in "Snow White

John Logue and Pat Newbert in

"The Emperor's New Clothes"